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Employee of the Month

Oct 3, 2019 — Our employee of the month is Ms. Yvonne Martinez! Yvonne is a nurse at Briarwood who has been working here for 5 years. In her free time, Yvonne likes to spend time with her family and participating in her children’s school activities. Yvonne is kind and willing to step in to be a team player... Read More

Dr. Nguyen

Oct 3, 2019 — Get to know our team! We would like to introduce a member of our team, one of our physicians, Dr. Khoa Nguyen. Dr. Nguyen went to medical school at UTMB-Galveston and he has been practicing medicine for 17 years. His specialty is family practice. When Dr. Nguyen is not hard at work, he likes to... Read More

Success Story

Oct 3, 2019 — Mrs. Josephine R. came to Briarwood after an admission to one of our local hospitals for frequent falls at home. Mrs. R. came to Briarwood with decreased strength and functional mobility. Her balance and coordination were compromised. Mrs. R. was referred to the rehab team where she was evaluated to access her areas of weakness. The... Read More

October 14th is Dessert Day

Oct 3, 2019 — There may not be a better dessert than a mouth-watering slice of pie fresh from the oven, but serving your pie with a dollop of whipped cream, or “a la mode” with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, may dress up this treat. Add a dash of creativity and a simple pie becomes a true... Read More

October 4th is World Smile Day

Oct 3, 2019 — 10 Great Reasons Why Smiling Makes Us More Successful! ONE: Our smile shows other people that we are friendly. TWO: A smile can make people happy. When you smile at someone who is not already smiling and they smile back, you have brought a moment of happiness into their lives which, who knows, could last all day.... Read More

October 16 is National Fossil Day

Oct 3, 2019 — How are fossils formed? For fossil formation to take place, a series of fortunate events must occur. If any part of the series is missing, we will never see the fossil! In fact, fossilization is a rare occurrence. Nature tends to lean toward recycling itself, which includes just about everything from plants and animals to rocks... Read More

Halloween Games

Oct 3, 2019 — PIN THE NOSE ON THE JACK-O-LANTERN Create a large pumpkin out of cardboard, or make one out of construction paper and pin it to a bulletin board. Paint or glue eyes and a mouth on the jack-o-lantern, leaving the area where the nose should be empty. Cut out several yellow triangles, writing the person’s name... Read More

Celebrating Labor Day

Aug 29, 2019 — The tradition of celebrating Labor Day as a national holiday is over one hundred years old. From its original conception as a labor union celebration, it has grown to be symbolic of end-of-summer activities. It began in 1882 in New York as a parade by the Knights of Columbus to give credit for the contributions... Read More

National Preparedness Month: Prepare Yourself for Whatever Comes Your Way

Aug 29, 2019 — Disaster can strike quickly and without warning. It can force you to evacuate your neighborhood, workplace or school or can confine you to your home. Here are some tips for preparing for natural disasters: Get to know the types of disasters that can occur in your community. Make an evacuation plan. Practice this plan with... Read More

World Alzheimer’s Day

Aug 29, 2019 — September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most widespread forms of dementia among senior people. The disease affects the regions of the brain, responsible for memory, thinking, and speech. The most common early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is loss of short-term memory (or difficulty in remembering recent events). The number... Read More